Impacting positive social change through innovative academics, research, and community-oriented programs.

The mission of the Maurice A. Ferré Institute for Civic Leadership is to advance civic engagement and leadership, resilient community infrastructure, and social justice in local, national, and global communities through academic, research, and engagement programs.
Mayor Ferré gave his heart and his life to serving alongside the people of Miami. His legacy extends far beyond our city of the future to the very heart of democracy-the people. A true statesman, he mobilized civic leaders and citizens, governed a city and a county across racial divides and evolving demographics, and advanced innovative policies and programs to improve the quality of life for generations to come.

"If I have contributed something of value to Miami it was because I was accompanied by a dedicated, intelligent, and honorable cadre of people that made many of our dreams possible. Those of us who have contributed to the well-being of Miami did so by envisioning our future and working toward those goals."

-  Maurice A. Ferré, The Miami Herald, January 31, 2019

“Our partnership with the Maurice A. Ferré Foundation will positively affect our university, our school’s programs, and the experience for our students. We are honored to be part of a relationship that will leave a lasting impact and honor the life and work of Mayor Ferré.”Dean John F. Stack, Jr.