Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Public Management & Civic Leadership
Program Description

The Certificate in Public Management & Leadership Studies prepares students for the evolving nature of civic leadership through coursework and practice that emphasizes relationship building, change management, global dynamics, intercultural understanding, and collaboration.

The goal of this certificate program is to foster civic leadership and engagement in the FIU student body by encouraging a consideration of leadership from multiple perspectives and contexts. Through involvement with the campus and greater community, students will become engaged in their own professional leadership education and development.


The Certificate Program requires completion of 15 credit hours of coursework (“B” or better required) and must complete an advising meeting prior to enrollment to outline their professional development, training, and community engagement goals.

Students will meet with a Certificate Advisor at least once a semester to report their progress and prepare a portfolio artifact (e.g.  policy memo, website, infographic) to be submitted in their final semester.

Students will be expected to attend at least six (6) approved FIU Student Conferences, educational training and/ or seminars and document completion of one community engagement project prior to completion.

For more information, please contact
Amanda Knapp
Certificate Advisor

Course Work

Required Core Course - 12 credits

PAD 5043

Equitable and Inclusive Governance

PAD 5416

Social Equity and Human Resource Management

PAD 6436

Leadership and Decision-making

PAD 6907

Independent Study


Electives – 3 credits

PAD 5435

Gender Equity and Leadership in Public Administration

PAD 6053

Political, Social, and Economic Context of PA

PAD 6156

Applied Organization Theory and Behavior

PAD 6436

Professionalism and Ethics

PAD 6209

Financial Management in Public and Nonprofit Organizations

PAD 6605

Administrative Law and Procedures

PAD 6710

IT & E Government

PAD 6807

Urban and Municipal Government Administration

PAD 6946

Public Administration Internship